iHeartRadio Podcast Featured Episodes of Your Audiobook

Like so many other book authors you need to get your book in front of readers. This is where we can help. We will feature 2 chapters of your audio book on our iHeart Radio Podcast. Our podcast is geared towards book enthusiasts looking for their next book.

Why This Works:
  • Through promoting 2 chapters/episodes the listener becomes invested in the book and once that happens they are 10x more likely to purchase your book.
  • Your book stays on our podcast for life. How many marketing campaigns can say that. One time investment lifelong benefits.
  • We are at the beginning of this book podcast revolution and will continue to grow our podcast to more media marketing.
What is needed:
  • Provide us with 2 audio chapters of your amazing book
  • High quality book cover
We will do the rest.

Add Your Book To Our Podcast